JUNE 2011


Midsummer Mad Dash 2011

134 runners took part in the first ever staging of the Midsummer Mad Dash on Tuesday night. A great evening was had by all & I think we all agree it was a fantastic night, and £618 was raised for charity.

A big THANK YOU to all the team, marshall's, runners etc for making this a huge success.

Here are just a few of people's comments :-

 I went to see my husband Mark Gore run the 5mile race at Highgreen yesterday and have to say how much I enjoyed it. This was the first race my husband ran for 20 years and was the first time my daughter and I have attended such an event. I was impressed at how organised the race was and how many people turned up to support the charity. The atmosphere was that lovely that I have now decided to start running with my daughter. So thank you all for giving me the 'buzz'. My husband loved the run and is eagerly waiting for the next one. Just one thing we both thought would have been useful would be to have a drinks station round the course. A brilliant event - thank you!

Tracy Gore

"I thought VHR's first running event was a real success and a credit to all those who helped organise and marshal the event. The fact that so much has been raised for the nominated Charities has astounded me and touched me personally. So yes a massive thank you for every body's efforts as not only a great night, but the charities are to benefit as well.”

Mark Kemp
(Valley Hill Runners)

 "The dash was a great event the other night. I think I got my entry fee back in buffet and shower gel ! It was a tough little race but if you do it again next year we'll put it in our championship.”


                                       Tim Wade (Kingstone Runners)

"I would like to comment on how well the event was prepared, the marshals did a good job pointing out the way and the obstacles. The low branches, rocks and tree roots were all made highly visible. The advertising must have worked as there was a good turnout, and I'm sure there will be more next year. The Packhorse Inn was a good venue for prize giving as lots of runners popped in for a pint and a chat before heading home. For me it was a great challenge and I look forward to doing it again next year. Many thanks to the Valley Hill Runners!”

           Nigel Smith (Symmetry Medical)

"Many thanks for putting on such a good race, All the runners gave it the thumbs up. I was really pleased for the club especially as Gerry(Fawcett) one of the original founders came along to watch. Barry (Smith) who with Gerry started the club passed away with Motor Neurone Disease and it was also his funeral yesterday ! so quite fitting that VHR staged its first ever race."

Well done all, including the marshalls.

Cheers, Steph & Richard (Valley Hill Runners)

"I’ve got to say I thought the entire evening was absolutely brilliant – great course (took me by surprise, I envisaged a relaxed canter through the woods), best stewarding I’ve seen at a race, fantastic post race atmosphere etc.”

     Mark Bell (Valley Hill Runners)

Hi Ian,
Congratulations that is a really successful first effort. Lets get our heads together towards the end of the year and we will see how we can support it further next year.
All the best, 
 Sweatshop, Meadowhall

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